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The main purpose of onboarding is to let a new employee understand and get closer to the new organisation that he/she is joining. This includes getting familiar with duties and regulations which are specific to the organisation. It is also about the workplace, terms of employment and employee benefits. The onboarding will also help a new employee to get ready and be more confident in the new workplace. Ultimately, the aim is to create a strong relationship and commitment for the organisation and colleagues. The workforce will be at full speed to work together for a common goal. Trust and devotion among colleagues and to the company is set right from the beginning.

Training materials such as presentations, workbooks and manuals are great tools to speed up the onboarding process. These assets must be accessible, straightforward and comprehensive. And of course, the translation made by a reliable and long-experienced company in the field will ensure accuracy and good understanding for both Thai and foreign employees.

Translated by SUKO Translation


SUKO Translation

​Translation agency - Thai / French / English

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