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Daylight saving time

Every year, Europe observes two time changes, the first when transitioning to summer and the second when returning to winter. This weekend, we moved our watches forward by one hour to transition to daylight saving time. This resulted in a change in time difference. Now, Thailand is 5 hours ahead of France and Germany instead of the previous 6. Similarly, the time difference with the UK is now 6 hours instead of 7. For example, today, when it is 12:00 in Thailand, it is 7:00 in Paris and Berlin, and it is 6:00 in London. In the translation industry, translators frequently work with clients located abroad. Hence, time zone and changes in time difference can have a significant impact on project planning and coordination. Therefore, it is essential for translators to understand and manage these changes to ensure the timely delivery of projects.

At SUKO Translation, we place great importance on delivering our translation projects on time. Meeting delivery deadlines is essential to satisfying our clients and ensuring the successful completion of their projects. Any delay can compromise the quality of the work and lead to further delays.

The next date for the time change in the winter of Europe is Sunday 29 October 2023. Translators will need to factor this change into their planning to ensure the successful delivery of their translation projects.


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