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Together, we can make a difference!

A few days ago, local authorities asked us to communicate about air pollution issues. Given the recent poor air quality, it is critical to emphasize the dangers associated with burning waste or starting outdoor fires.

Indeed, burning waste or starting a fire outdoor can have serious consequences for the environment and people's health. These harmful emissions can worsen air pollution, increase the level of particulate matter, and impact the quality of life of people in the neighborhood.

As business owners, organizations, or individuals, we all have a duty to encourage and support the development of clear measures to limit our impact on the environment. It is time to be responsible for our actions and save our planet.

Suko Translation is joining this initiative and encouraging everyone to be aware of actions that can lead to air pollution. We want to be a role model for change that lead to a better environment, societies and health of people in our community.

Together, we can make a better world!

Click on this link to see the pollution levels in your area:


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