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What to do when your birth certificate is lost or damaged

If you have the misfortune of having lost or damaged your original birth certificate, you are left with two options:

1. You can request a certified copy at your local district office. Usually, the district where you were born will have kept a copy or record of your birth certificate on file.

2. If your local district office does not have a copy—due to the records having been lost or damaged or because you were born outside of their jurisdiction—you should request a stand-in birth certificate. This can be requested at the district where your name is listed under your household registration or in your district of birth.

You will need to provide the signature of two witnesses and other evidence; such as your household registration, ID card, and educational background, etc. You should specify the location and date of your birth, the names and surnames of your parents, and your mother’s maiden name (if applicable). For more detailed information, your questions or concerns can be directed to the district office associated with your household registration.

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